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hi ya all .   i have orangepi one with armbian set up as web site server ... All good seems stable and cool despite being housed in the little cardboard box it arrived in.


Now because I am on alternative power and sometimes this is in greater supply than others I would really like to reduce power consumption as much as possible

Not interested in reducing processor power or memory speed or other things that may impact on its primary task of serving web pages and processing php.


however the only connections to the board are ethernet and power I do not want or need any graphics camera USB or whatever nor do i need any services other than ssh and html.


can I disable the HDMI interface? the graphics engine? USB support? LED's ?       and where is the script that loads all this stuff

any solutions or just pointers on where to start looking would be great



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breadcrumb #1


root@cranbone:/sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr# pwd
root@cranbone:/sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr# echo "none" > trigger 
root@cranbone:/sys/class/leds/orangepi:green:pwr# cat trigger 
[none] kbd-scrolllock kbd-numlock kbd-capslock kbd-kanalock kbd-shiftlock kbd-altgrlock kbd-ctrllock kbd-altlock kbd-shiftllock kbd-shiftrlock kbd-ctrlllock kbd-ctrlrlock usbport usb-gadget usb-host mmc0 mmc1 disk-activity disk-read disk-write ide-disk mtd nand-disk heartbeat cpu cpu0 cpu1 cpu2 cpu3 default-on panic rfkill-any rfkill-none rfkill0 rc-feedback 0.2:01:link 0.2:01:1Gbps 0.2:01:100Mbps 0.2:01:10Mbps 


breadcrumb #2


for usb..  the ports are enabled via device tree... if you look around the forum and docs you'll see how to enable device tree overlays to enable additional usb hosts, uarts etc... You'll want to do something similar, but most likely need to build a device tree overlay, or device device tree config that doesn't enable the USB.

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7 hours ago, Vindieselwalker said:

can I disable the HDMI interface? the graphics engine? USB support? LED's ?

I always wonder, how good is the power supply. Is the housing cold, a good sign, but of input 100% electricity, how much do you get on the other side?

it says about power ratio [Efficiency],  a good site to look before you buy  https://lygte-info.dk/review/USBpower Ikea Koppla USB 5V 2A 404.122.78 UK.html


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added lygte-info

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