Pine 64 2 Gb first run board

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Over the years have been using the Pine64 2Gb computer as an automation server running with original Xenial Base Image [20161218-1] by longsleep.

This is a first generation Pine64 2Gb computer that I got during the start up of the company.

Currently utilizing a 2 AMP 5VDC PS connected to the Euler bus, heatsinks on the top and bottom of the board and a boot up 100Mb mode.


It would run fine for months then occassionally wouldn't start on boot.


Recently redid the box using Armbian.

|  _ \(_)_ __   ___ / /_ | || |  
| |_) | | '_ \ / _ \ '_ \| || |_
|  __/| | | | |  __/ (_) |__   _|
|_|   |_|_| |_|\___|\___/   |_|  

Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.73 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.25-sunxi64   
System load:   0.36 0.44 0.33      Up time:       1:27 hour        
Memory usage:  31 % of 2001MB     IP:  
CPU temp:      42°C               
Usage of /:    20% of 30G        

Last login: Tue Apr 16 17:22:07 2019 from

Which works well except that every few days the time gets reset to some odd date a couple of hundred years from now and then shuts down the network port.


Checking the RTC (with battery) the time is always right.


Here using an NTP server plugin with PFSense.  Particular about time.


These issues are messing with my automation schedules.


Should I update to a nightly build? 

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Thank you Martin!


Yesterday updated Pine64 with NTP and NTPDate and pulling the HWClock time on reboot first before network and configured local GPS server to have a host name and using hostname instead of IP for time now.


The issue here was that I was running a MQTT application which would check on the OmniPro alarm panel and adjust the time on it if it was off.  It would reset the time and date to 2219 or something like that and mess with the automation in the firmware of the panel.


Will update to new Dev 5.0 builds in the next couple of days....TIA..

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