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Recommendations for Armbian Server TV Box


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Wanting to build a new Armbian server from a TV Box.  Video is not a requirement here as the device will be headless.


Just a quickie picture relating to the size of this box.  I am impressed.  It will be mounted inside of a security panel (Leviton Omni Pro 2) and serve as a console to said security panel using automation software.




Ideally though want:

- Gb NIC

- 32 Gb eMMC

- 4 Gb RAM


Bluetooth and WLAN is nice to have but not necessary for my use.


Been only tinkering here with Octocore ARM CPU TV boxes but not necessary.


I am currently wanting to add a firewall (2nd NIC) and am familiar mostly with BSD PFSense and OpenWRT on a variety of devices.


Currently doing this with a hardware modified micro router (NEXX) running OpenWRT.  It is so small I can really just leave this device in place.


Goal here is to install TV box inside of a combo automation / security media panel. 


The firewall would face current home LAN and may run a VPN server. 


Checking out Amazon see:

1 - Android 9.0 TV Box, 2019 H96 Max X2 4GB DDR4 Ram 32GB ROM 4K Smart TV Box Amlogic CPU HDMI 2.1/H265 /Dual WiFi 2.4G 5.0G/100M Ethernet/BT/USB3.0 Set Top Box (no Gb NIC) - S905 chipset

2 - ZYX 4GB 32GB Android TV Box - MX10 Android 8.1 Smart TV-Box Streaming Media Player H.265 64bit Supporting Wireless, 4K (60Hz),3D, RK3328 Quad Core Set-Top-Box - no Gb NIC - RK3328

3 - Android 8.1 TV Box with 4GB RAM 32GB ROM,GiMiBOX T9 Android Boxes Quad- Core 64 Bits Support BT4.1/ H.265/ 3D /5G WiFi/USB 3.0/ UHD 4K Smart TV Box with Remote Keyboard - RK3328

4 - H96 max X2 Android 8.1 TV Box, 4GB RAM 32GB ROM Amlogic Quad core Support WiFi 2.4G+5G/4K/3D Smart TV Box Streaming Media Player - no GB NIC


The list goes on and on. 


What would you guys recommend me to get?





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