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I'm trying to star the SNMP daemon, but i have :


pcilib: Cannot open /proc/bus/pci
pcilib: Cannot find any working access method.
pcilib: pci_init failed
Warning: no access control information configured.
  (Config search path: /etc/snmp:/usr/share/snmp:/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/snmp:/home/pepeluis/.snmp)
  It's unlikely this agent can serve any useful purpose in this state.
  Run "snmpconf -g basic_setup" to help you configure the snmpd.conf file for this agent.
Error opening specified endpoint ""
Server Exiting with code 1


I write in snmpd.conf

agentAddress udp:161


doesn't work,,,the same,,,


Any idea I will appreciate it a lot



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Hi Lanefu!!!



sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install snmpd snmp-mibs-downloader


I execute your comand,,,,and get :

pepeluis@orangepizero:~$ service --status-all |grep snmp
 [ + ]  snmpd


it's running ok? There's  a way to test? because :

pepeluis@orangepizero:~$ snmpstatus localhost
snmpstatus: No securityName specified


and i don´t have any response



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