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UART/Serial on Espressobin

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Trying to get the serial port working on pins 24 and 26 of the espressobin.


I've tried all of the armbian builds, plus building the kernel from the Marvell github repo - various branches.


On the 4.4.52 kernels, the serial port on the header pins shows up with port of 0000 and IRQ of 8, but will not work.


On the 4.14 kernels, I get port 0000 and IRQ 0, and also doesn't work


Has anyone managed to get the serial port working on the header pins 24,26 of the espressobin? I have posted more detail here on the github page but no progress so thought I'd ask here if anyone has had any success with this?





Edited by qume
Wrote 4.4.8 rather than 4.4.52. Fixed

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Have you checked that the voltage levels on the pins are compatible with the UART device you're connecting ?

(I'm mentioning this, because most pins are 1.8V instead of 3.3V and some interfaces need voltage translation before they can be used. I have not checked the UART specs myself.)

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