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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Thanks everyone. I know that I can get these from the build system from git in patch/kernel but I cannot see how these patches are applied. I tried a few for the OPI0. Looks some are coming from sunx8 or sunxi-next....


When I apply all the patches in the sunxi-next I get something that looks about right but there are multiple patches that seem to do the same thing.


Is this documented in the source?


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Then installing the sources using armbian-config as recommended you get the correct sources with all applied patches for your current kernel.

The name is a bit confusing for beginners. However there are many boards, many SoCs and many kernel branches that have to be identified somehow.


Armbian usually differenciates between three kernel sources per SoC family: default, next and dev.

First come directly from the manufacturer of the boards. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they suck (way outdated, buggy, lacking features and so on...).


next is usually build around a LTS kernel source, for boards with Allwinner SoCs (sunxi and sunxi64 family) this is currently 4.19.x. Before building all patches from patch/kernel/sunxi-next are applied to this source and the source package is built. Most of these patches are things that are awaiting approvial to be introducted into mainline. Armbian is about half and a full year ahead in comparison to mainline.


dev is the current development branch and is usually built around the latest stable kernel release, currently 5.2, soon 5.3. Does not look good for 5.3 so far, things may have been broken:

dev also applies patches to the kernel sources which are located in patch/kernel/sunxi-dev



You can find more information about how "sunxi" comes together here:



but there are multiple patches that seem to do the same thing.

If you find any patches that are useless you are welcome to contribue to the build framework to make it better :)

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