DD command error

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DD command failed to write sd card end up writing only 200 mb to 600 mb with error message no space.

 my card is 16gb formated and checked by gparted . error being repeated contuesly. All option tried bs=4m, 1m nothing works out.

kindly respond somebody has any solution.

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checked by gparted


Are you kidding? You try to 'check' fake cards with a program that doesn't detect fake cards? Use H2testw or f3 (also available in Linux), provide the full h2testw or f3read output and read through the relevant chapter of the documentation first! Thx.


The problem including explanation is outlined here: http://www.happybison.com/reviews/how-to-check-and-spot-fake-micro-sd-card-8/


Our documentation and list of tools is there: https://github.com/igorpecovnik/lib/blob/master/documentation/user-faq.md#how-to-prepare-sd-card


And remember: If you experience or even report 'slow user experience' with Armbian it's 99% of times just an ultra slow SD card you're trying out.

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thank you tkaiser for your response i am using verbatim genuine class4 16gb card .more than 30 times i installed and used this card with other images including armbian 5.7. only this time i have error message that is not being resolved.

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