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No Analog audio out



Hi im using Orange Pi Zero +2 H3 with the current armbian image. 4.19 y  i think...


basically Im using HDMI out but i want to use the analog audio pins on my project. However the pins seem to be disabled and there doesnt appear any way to enable them. alsamixer only shows the allwinner,HDMI but no controls...

Pulse audio panel seems less than helpfulp, lists Analogoutput but doesnt actually send any sound out through the pins.


I warn you im not a linux power user. I can just about get around terminal but I dont know where files are off by heart or know exactly what and where to edit. 

So maybe a little hand holding :)


Reading the forums a little people talk about editing a audio.conf file but having a look in the location they mention, no such file exists.


if anyone knows this issue and a sure fire way to fix it please let me know :)





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