NanoPi Neo4 - Buster debug console not in /etc/securetty

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I just bought a FriendlyElec NanoPi Neo4 having had loads of experience with Armbian on Allwinner (OrangePi) boards.


My preferred method for getting boards "up and running" is simply to connect a serial terminal to the debug port and power on. I tried this with several Armbian Buster images and found that I couldn't log in as root on any of them.


Checking the SD card on my laptop, the debug port (ttyFIQ0) was missing from /etc/securetty.


Editing /etc/securetty and adding  ttyFIQ0 on a new line at the bottom of the file and all is well and I now have Buster up and running on the Neo4 :-)


root@nanopineo4:/etc# diff securetty~ securetty
> ttyFIQ0


Can I suggest that this be added into the build?





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