Firewalla and Armbian



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So i came across this mysterious vpn/network box thingy and it was suspiciously looking like an orange pi zero with a fancy case and some nice gui frontend.


To nobody's surprise, digging at the firmware image, it confirms my suspecion. It uses armbian!...

Looking at their github page, absolutely no mention of either armbian or sunxi team (even though their project would not exist without them).


Is armbian/sunxi team aware of this?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

2 minutes ago, guidol said:

Its not an Orange Pi Zero - these are NanoPi devices.

The small (red) one is a 32Bit NanoPi Neo (H3/512MB) and the blue one is the 64Bit NanoPi Neo2 LTS (H5/1GB Ram) - see:

Awesome, that makes sense!


Still, not cool of them to not mention software they're using anywhere on their github page.

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