Odroid XU4 hangs on reboot


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I did some messing around and switched to a 32GB SD (from 64GB, but same exact features as https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Ultra-microSDXC-Memory-Adapter/dp/B073JYVKNX) and it reboots fine now. FYI Odroid's image exhibits the same exact hang behavior ubuntu-18.04.3-4.14-minimal-odroid-xu4-20190910.img using 64GB SD. It was working fine with the 64GB SD, but with an older version of Odroid's image.

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7 hours ago, soerenderfor said:

i am very sure there is a image called something sd2emmc from odroid. I is very sure it is a android image, flash that. Very sure it is like @Igor say it must be the bootloader.


I think you are referring to this issue which is about flashing the bootloader which is on the "secret/hidden" partition. That used to be a manual process but by now incorporated into nand-sata-install script (IIRC, see that thread for details).


But I thought that only applied to EMMC. Unless I missed something, from what I could read OP was only using SD cards?


@soerenderfor For your own future reference, that topic is stickied in Other Supported Boards section.

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13 hours ago, derdietmar said:

I had a similar issue, reboot did not work with Armbian_20.02.0-rc0_Odroidxu4_buster_current_5.4.11_minimal. Updating the boot loader had no effect.


Since I have no additional Micro SDs available, I tried to change the image to Armbian_20.02.0-rc0_Odroidxu4_buster_legacy_4.14.165. That worked.


Do not use the 5.x kernel with Odroid HC1 / HC2 / XU4 / MC for now, stay on 4.14.


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