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Odroid C2 MAC address confusion


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Hi all,


preparing an image for our next deployment (10 Odroid C2), I found that somehow the MAC address visible in Uboot doesn't make it into Armbian system.

On the first copied system (I use odroidbackup.pl), in Uboot "Printenv" I get


Original system gives me:


Both systems report to our DHCP server with the latter MAC, which will lead to troubles when both boards will be in the same network :(

Any hints how to get the (apparently eFuse stored) MAC into the Armbian system?


Thanks in advance, Michael

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So there is no way to get the uboot stored MAC into Armbian?

I don't get it then how the root system I used for cloning did get the MAC into it, and where it is stored.

As in the final system setup will be fixed IPs, this is not a showstopper, anyhow it would be great to understand where Armbian does store the MAC (whereever it came from).

Any hints for me?


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