Armada-3720 pcie driver issue

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Hi All!


I am verifying the function about pcie  to net port on armada-3720 ESPRESSObin. I insert 3 PCIE network cards in 3720 with PCIE bridge, connect to PC by switch. PC ping 3 net port at the same time ,but only one net port could be pinged successfully.   


I use the same test environment to test on the cavium's development board ,and  PC can ping 3 network cards successfully at the same time.


Besides, I used 3 network cards connect to 3 PC directly not by switch on 3720, and 3 PC can also ping 3 network cards successfully at the same time.


Through the above cross-testing, it seems that this problem will occur as long as there is some communication connection between different network cards. I think it may be related to the 3720's pcie driver and compatibility.  Is it?    


linux-kernel 4.14


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6 hours ago, count-doku said:

Is there maybe a problem with the driver which occurs because you connect all 3 network adapters with each other (via the switch)? only logical conclusion for me, because you said connecting to all 3 with different devices works. Maybe some layer 2/3 routing problem?

The network card  driver is no problem, because I test it in different device with the same network card  driver, and the route  is default. With some tests and capturing the network packet, I find that sometimes the network MSI  interrupt is no reply, so is it related to the 3720's pcie driver and compatibility when it is OK in other test device? 

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On 9/1/2020 at 11:18 PM, Pali said:

@lmhhj: Can you try 5.8 kernel? It contains lot of fixes in 3720 pcie driver. Also, if you have problems with MSI interrupts, you can try to turn them off and use just classic PCI interrupts by appending pci=nomsi into boot args.
its easy, "just" someone has to test and build. Then CI builds and user can upgrade hassle free.

Espressobin maintenance log for past 3 years might also tell you how things are and explain our decisions in a better light:

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