log.hdd to real HDD?

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What is the supported way, if any, to redirect /var/log.hdd to a directory located on a real HDD drive?


One of my systems has an eMMC to boot and operate from, and a HDD hooked up on the USB3 port. "Ideally" I'd like to use only the HDD, but the poor/incomplete USB3 boot support on the Rock64 V2 (with Bionic at least) had me to buy an eMMC and live quietly with it. As it is, I'd like to move out of the eMMC all the data that is either written often, or that it could get bigger with time passing. For the logs, however, I don't think to have found a clean way to support the relocation of /var/log.hdd on a different drive/partition, unless I hack the armbian-ramlog script (something I *don't* want to do). Or I could disable completely the log2ram feature.



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