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CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes


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@Eliel Prado

Taking a look at the log, it looks to me that your board freezes exactly after 60 seconds of operativity.

it is highly suspicious, this kind of behaviour was often found when a wrong Trust OS (TEE) was in use, causing some kind of watchdog to trigger after a predetermined amount of time resetting or freezing the machine. The few garbage bytes on the serial just before rebooting were also typical about the Trust reboot thing.

What is way more interesting is that the trust in use has been widely tested with a lot of boards and seems to work fine, but as long as it is proprietary binary code we don't know what does it do.


I could provide you a special image with an opensource Trust and see if it works, but you have to wait  a week or so for that (I'm on vacation right now...)

Also it looks to me that you're using an outdated version of multitool, please try with latest version.

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Search Before Posting!

@fukowaka You did not need to burn them on eMMC to test the mainline kernel images.

Once armbian (any version) is installed on internal eMMC, it enables full boot from sdcard and USB stick too, so it is sufficient to burn the image to test directly on sdcard and plug the sdcard in the slot.

Anyway you can increase the boot logging level changing verbosity=1 to verbosity=7 in /boot/armbianEnv.txt; this way the kernel w ill log much more informations and maybe will tell something intersting about the issue.

Also you may add cpu-stability to overlays= line in /boot/armbianEnv.txt to see if the board boots.


Also i have a question: do the mainline kernel images never boot, or they refuse to boot after you run rk322x-config?


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fixed armbianEnv.txt location
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I was really imagining that the problem could be the "Trust OS", because I saw on the forum that someone had a similar problem.
I would like to test your opensource version when you get back from vacation.
About multitool, the latest version I found and tested was multitool build 6c83f46 - 6 feb 2022.


Thank you very much for your attention!


Enjoy your holidays.

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@jock Hello there, thanks for the reply. With armbian on emmc (legacy kernel) and sd card on slot (current kernel) boots into legacy  version, i think the device try to boot from sd card but im getting some error. I change verbosity so i have a log now. I´ll try another sd card, maybe is broken.


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2 hours ago, fukowaka said:

I´ll try another sd card, maybe is broken.

Looking at kernel dmesg I think it definitely has a problem:

Sep 07 18:56:18 rk322x-box kernel: mmcblk0: error -110 transferring data, sector 520, nr 504, cmd response 0x900, card status 0x0


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I tried another sd card. Start the boot process then reboots. I change versosity to 7 and cpu-stability. armbianEnv.txt is not in /etc/ is in /boot.

I cant found a boot log, there is no files in /var/log/journal so i got a picture. Let me now if you can read something unusual. thx



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I installed ARMBIAN on my TVBOX that has the RK3228A processor and SV6256P wifi.
It worked great, but after a while, the wifi connection stops responding.
If I run the command "iwconfig" it shows that it is connected.
But if I try a "ping" it doesn't work.
I also tried using a USB Wifi Adapter, and the problem continued.
If I turn off the device, using the command "ifconfig wlan0 down" and turn it on again using the command "ifconfig wlan0 up", it works normally again.
Has anyone else gone through this?
Is there any solution?

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