Sorting device tree source (dts) files



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A little bit OT, but what is the recommended way to sort a dts file?
I commonly see patches, where maintainers keep requesting for nodes in a dts file to be sorted alphabetically, but didn't find any way to achieve this? I tired a simple `dtc -I dts -O dts -s xxx.dts` but the output contains symbols that I don't really need.

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When you decompile a dtb file, you will normally not get the same dts that was used for compiling. It will be a dts that will work the same as the original, but it will not keep the ordering, spacing and indentation, and not even the same identical syntax as the original one.


You should instead look for your dts in the kernel source tree. Look in /arch/arm(64)/boot/dts. For example, for Tinker Board in the Mainline kernel, it's this one: . Which, in turn, includes another source file, namely this one:

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