booting Pine H64 with directly attached USB3 SSD fails

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On 12/25/2019 at 9:48 AM, Igor said:

 I added support and images for model B, but I don't own this hardware ...


@TonyMac32 You got this board? You have gears and time to make a hires photo?


This is AWESOME. I was using the regular pineh64 images, and most things were working except my NIC kept shutting off about 33-34s after boot every time.


Turns out, if I use the pineh64-b image, my gigabit link stays active and everything seems to be pretty great!


My only issue now is that booting with a USB3 SSD attached directly to the device seems not to work very well. Maybe the SSD is trying to pull too much power at boot? It worked fine when I plugged it in directly after the system was booted from microSD, but cold boots always fail with direct attachment. It's booting 100% reliably for me with my rootfs on SSD if I attach the SSD to a powered USB3 hub, but I'd like it if it didn't need any extra hardware to boot.

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