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[Odroid C1+] issues

Guest tkilappa

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Guest tkilappa



I tested Armbian Jessie with Odroid C1+ and encountered several issues, would like to know if they're known or if I've done something wrong.



Odroid C1+ gets no display if not booting into X11. Framebuffer text console is not present at all. This makes it impossible to do any kind of configuration if not connecting via SSH.



If connecting via SSH, updating the system and rebooting, it doesn't seem to boot anymore. The machine is not available for ping, and I can no longer connect to do any further configuration.



Issuing "reboot" over SSH seems not to reboot the board, instead power needs to be cycled manually.


I'm tried server and desktop images:




With desktop image, I get to X and get output on the television for as long as I update kernel, after which boot seems not possible.


Hardkernel's own Ubuntu 14.04 image works perfectly and has none of these issues. Unfortunately, as it's from '14 it has old software, which is I would prefer to use Jessie -based image.


Thanks in advance.

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