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I would like to get RT Kernel, but i am not able to do it.


I have downloaded the patch file:    patch-5.4.19-rt11.patch

And I copy this file in the following folder:      build/userpatches/kernel/sunxi-current


Now, I create the following file:      build/userpatches/lib.config

And i add this sentence:     KERNELBRANCH='tag:v5.4.19' 


and I run compile.sh 


But it doesn't work. I think there are 2 different errors: one for compiling for an specific kernel version, and the other one for loading the RT patch file.


Error 1:
fatal: Couldn't find remote ref tags/v5.4.19 
error: pathspec 'FETCH_HEAD' did not match any file(s) known to git.


[ error ] ERROR in function compile_kernel [ compilation.sh:378 ]
[ error ] Kernel was not built [ @host ]



Error 2:

[warn ] * [c] patch-5.4.19-rt11.patch [ failed ]


Could you help me?


Thanks a lot in advance 


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The problem is that sunxi-current does not rely on mainstream kernel but on megous kernel sources. So it cannot find the matching git tag.

As an alternative you can try to accomplish this by using the legacy kernel which does get fetched directly from mainstream.

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8 hours ago, OpenglMan said:

And i add this sentence:     KERNELBRANCH='tag:v5.4.19' 

Remove this parameter and start a build script again. Armbian will use v5.4.18 (or v5.4.20). The patching process can throw a few errors. These tiny errors can be easily fixed by editing the RT patch or the kernel's sources.

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