Is there a 32-bit version of armbian or that is compatible with widevine?

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Basically my box is a h96 pro + (amlogic s912) and I'm trying to run prime video / netflix, but it is not possible since it is only possible to extract widevine in the arm-32bits version. I searched here on the forum and found nothing about it, so I ask for help.

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I don't have specific experience with widevine but debian-derived distributions including armbian are capable of hosting multiple ABIs. 

Your s912 is aarm64 but is backward compatible with armhf. Your 32-bit arm binary is armhf. Similar to how an amd64 system is backward compatible with an i386 system. 


You start with dpkg --add-architecture armhf


then apt-get update


Then you install 32-bit versions of everything you need for your 32-bit netflix, etc with "apt-get install foo:armhf" and so on. 


I've only done this on a small scale, but if you get lucky and everything you need is in the distribution, it's pretty painless.  the "ldd" command will tell you what libraries a dynamically linked binary needs to have around. 


more info here: https://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/HOWTO

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