HD playback and spdif passtrouth not working together

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I want to use my cubietruck to play the video in HD and with spdif pass-trougth and I want use mopidy.


with last armbian jessie desktop :

with mplayer2 :

pass-trougth is ok  but video is too slow

with mpv :

I heard a very loud noise at the output of the amplifier is not DTS decoding and is transmitted as the pcm.--> it is a kernel problem: the driver sends a sound that is not recognized by the amplifier. the SPDIF sound format is limited to 24 bits

video is OK.

mopidy is OK


with last armbian xenial: it work because mpv is very old

with mplayer2 :

pass-through and video is ok but kernel panic when I put the video paused--> kernel bug solved : see http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1396-kernel-panic-when-playing-video-with-spdif-audio-output/

with mpv :

video is OK but same issue for sound.

mopidy : no sound.


with armbian trusty:

all work but but kernel panic when I put the video paused-> kernel bug solved


This issue is partially solved because work only with old version of mpv (before 0.6)

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