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David Pottage

earlyprintk on RockPro64 - kernel 5.4.26 -Debain Buster

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Hi, I am trying to investigate a booting issue with PCIe disk mounts, and it is difficult because I am not seeing any error messages during boot.


I have already increased the boot verbosity, by increasing the value in /boot/armbianEnv.txt from 1 to 7, but that is not helping much. I looks like the issue happens much earlier in the boot process. When I described my problem on the debian-arm mailing list, one reply suggested that I enable earlyprintk, and gave me a link to the Linux kernel command line docs.


I tried following those instructions, but I can't get any more output during boot on the RockPro64 serial port /dev/ttyS2. How do I get that working?


Thanks, David.

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