[HOWTO] build Debian-flavor kernel packages for Armbian

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before you start:

    Armbian already provides kernel build script in armbian build framework, and you can download these packages via `apt`

    in common cases, you shouldn't build kernel yourself, even you want to build a customer kernel package, you should use armbian build framework.

    because you can get best supports.


   so below content is only for experts.


prepare source code:

    1, stable linux kernel source code:



   2, armbian build framework, for patches and kernel config


   3, debian linux build rules:

      git clone https://salsa.debian.org/kernel-team/linux.git --depth=1

     optional: checkout to a branch to build a different kernel version, current version is 5.5.8

   4, add patches to debian linux build rules:

      copy all family patches to <debian-rules>/debian/patches/

      add all your patches to <debian-rules>/debian/patches/series

     make sure all your patch are appliable to mainline kernel.

     optional: remove all debian's kernel patch, only leave armbian kernel patch.

 5, apply the patches.

    apt install devscripts

    cd <debian-rules>

   debian/bin/genorig.py <path-to-stable-linux>

   debian/rules orig

6, copy kernel config to <debian-rules>/config/[armhf, arm64]/config


prepare native armhf/arm64 build env

1, donwload armbian's prebuild rootfs, or use debootstrap.

2, mount dev, sys, proc, tmp to armhf/arm64 rootfs. reference: https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/lib/image-helpers.sh#L27

3, mount <debian-rules> to armhf/arm64 rootfs.


start build, in chroot rootfs

1, cd <debian-rule>

2, apt install devscripts fakeroot

3, debian/rules debian/control DEBIAN_KERNEL_DISABLE_INSTALLER=true

4, debuild -i -us -uc -b # do it only once, to let build system promt missing build depends. you need to install all build depends at this step.

5, fakeroot debian/rules binary or fakeroot debian/rules binary-arch

6, long wait.

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