Armbian distro for imx8


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I need to run Armbian Distro linux on imx8 NXP platform.


Can you please provide the following information 

1.Is Armbian Distro supported on imx8 Platform

2.How to download the source code for Armbain distro which runs on imx8 platform.


Please help on above topics 

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?


The problem with NXP I.Mx 8M cpu is lack of XORG 3D GPU support. Driver does not work.

only 2D driver works.

You can run XFCE and MATE destop without play video. ( video very often hangs system ) .

Wayland 3D driver works with weston pulpit. But weston is on early stage of build.

In fact, there is no multitasking. Works similar to AndroidTV or something like that.

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