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ILI9488 display patch for SKU: MSP3520, MSP3521, MSP4020, MSP4021

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I am releasing this patch in the hope of you may find it useful. I have also included a sample dts file.  It seems to work in 48mhz quite well with very few SPI errors. (Note that the pieces of the driver has been around for some time but I have never seen it put together without further work. Hopefully this patch would make it readily usable. I have tested it on 5.5.18 and quite happy with it.)




0001-fbtft-fb_ili9488.patch 1_ili9488.dts


Sample file is for nanopi neo.


Driver also works with 4 inch LCD, MSP4020, MSP4021

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Hi, that is a great news !

  • the provided dts file is for what kind of board ?
  • Do you plan to get the touch to work too ?

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The colors seem a bit off, I tried fixing it with the following changes. Its a better approximation/mapping and also makes screen brighter but the colors still a bit off. Any ideas?


for (i = 0; i < to_copy; i++) {
+            u16 pixel = vmem16;
+            u16 b = pixel & 0x1f;
+            u16 g = (pixel & (0x3f << 5)) >> 5;
+            u16 r = (pixel & (0x1f << 11)) >> 11;
+            u8 r8 = ((r & 0x1F)*4*63)/31 + 3;
+            u8 g8 = (g & 0x3F)*4 + 3;
+            u8 b8 = ((b & 0x1F)*4*63)/31 + 3;
+            txbuf[i * 3 + 0] = r8;
+            txbuf[i * 3 + 1] = g8;
+            txbuf[i * 3 + 2] = b8;
+        }

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