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OPi 3 display problem(?)

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Hi there,

just got OPi3 (4x 1.8GHz, 2GB RAM, eMMC), and I have (probably) issue with display settings (resolution / refresh rate?).

I have an 1280x1024@60Hz VGA monitor, connected to an KVM switch (VGA+USB), then to HDMI->VGA converter. It worked OK for my 2 OPiPC+.

Now what happens when I connect OPi3 instead od one of OPiPC+:

- installed "OOB" Armbian Buster for OPi3, (server),

- during initial startup there was NO question about monitor resolution (differs from initial startup for PC+),

- only login / new user dialog.

- now screen "flickers", text mode for few seconds, then blank screen, "power" LED of monitor is lit, like there is signal. Random periods.

- can user armbian-config to set up basic parameters, network and install "desktop",

- can SSH and do remote X session,

- during boot-up to GUI there is NO display at all.

- if I log in as root (CLI) and then issue "startx", GUI starts, but shifted 1/4 screen high (part of GUI offscreen), 1/4 screen high black bar on bottom.



- hardware problem, or Armbian config problem?

- how do I change screen resolution / refresh rate (CLI or GUI)? For text mode and X.

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