Cheapest small supported board for IOT with wifi, spi and gpio? Orange Pi Zero or not?

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I guess my application is IOT - I am getting data via USB and SPI, report status via GPIO LEDs and upload data to the internet.


I am enjoying raspberrypi 3B but it's huge and relatively expensive.

I am trying to return Orange Pi 2G IOT since it's a disaster.


Looks like Orange Pi Zero for a bit under $20 would not be a disaster? Are there other boards to consider if I care about physical size and price?

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Last I checked, wifi on the Zero was disabled by default due to quality issues (I did see some recent patches for it on github, but I don't _think_ armbian has them up)

I've had decent luck with the FriendlyArm stuff. If you only need wifi, then take a look at the NanoPi duo 2

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1 hour ago, Werner said:

Armbian ships a different driver for XR819 since quite a while. No idea though how much this increases the stability of WiFi since I never used it.


My mistake.  I saw messages about an updated driver but thought it hadn't made it into the releases yet.



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