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Nanopi M4 V1 won't boot latest versions



Hi all, 

This has confused me! I have an old copy Armbian_20.02.7_Nanopim4_buster_current_5.4.28_desktop.7z which works fine. Any SD cards I put it on using Balena Etcher works. Any of the latest versions simply won't boot.


The only difference appears to be the XZ file format. I extracted one of the later ones using 7Zip and then Etcher to flash and as expected it mad no difference at all.


Has something been done to the V1 firmware from the V2 that doesn't work or firmwares containing the wrong naming etc? 



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New HDMI monitor is the problem!
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@piter75 Hi, yes it boots this way. lots of test as things starting up,  error country setting failed -2, but more drivers started OK, then it pauses with error:

drm:drm_scdc_set_scrambling failed to read tmds config, error 6

and 2 similar errors.


Logged in on terminal as normal startup. Desktop appears!


Subsequent reboot fails until HMDMI unplugged, then it boots to desktop.




I have a new 4K monitor with HDMI V2.0. That is something that has changed on my setup


Can you spill the beans???? B)

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scdc set scrambling refers to HDMI 2.0. My new monitor is HDMI 2.0. The desktop obviously understands it, although not reporting full resolution and and sticking at 60Hz. my monitor is only 30Hz at 4K. It's the text based boot screen that can't handle it. My (almost vintage) Orange Plus sees it correctly when running on Armbian, as does a 6 month old version on the NanoPi, so someone knows how this works.


Thank you @piter75


So a 'lost setting' or 'feature' for development or porting from another build Mr Igor and friends please?



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@dogshome yes, the HDMI is the culprit.

It (HDMI) was enabled for rk3399 boards in u-boot v2020.04.

It works for me with WQHD monitor (although the text is garbled in u-boot phase) but I have already seen one similar report for OrangePi 4 after u-boot upgrade.


I will disable HDMI in u-boot for all rk3399 boards that we support.

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Did try few resent images as of beginning of feb 21 for nanopi-m4v2 and compiled my own using the armbian build and tried to move u-boot support for hdmi - bud did have to plug the hdmi cable after starting kernel ....  


This pilter75 image does bypass u-boot hdmi and therefore allows the kernel control of hdmi



There is one problem - USB 3 do flicker.  It is not possible to restore with rsync.    

Might be because I did install full firmware or overclocking.  



It is either - USB is working okay without full firmware and overclocking.

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