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Orange Pi Lite does not boot after upgrading to desktop and shutdown





I installed Armbian (image from here https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-lite/ [Buster / mainline based kernel 5.4.y]). After booting on OPi Lite everithing works fine. I have updated and upgraded OS.  Reboot, shutdown and again turn on the board works just fine. I decided to download desktop for this image. Desktop was downloaded and installed successfully (with armbian-config). Everything works fine. After reboot, shutdown, turn off by unplugging the cable, Armbian on my OPi Lite does not wake up anymore. When I will load this image again, everything works fine by the time I will download and install desktop and turn off the board. I have tried other distribiutions like Ubuntu and Debian from Orange Pi website. There is no issiues with those OS's. Only with Armbian after installing desktop I can not boot OS on OPi Lite anymore. 


I have changed SD cards, powersupplies and measured voltage while booting, (working properly, after and while cannot boot) for them, everything correct. Without desktop everything works as expected. I use recommended Etcher to upload images to SD card.


I tried to connect USB to TTl converter to UART to check if board outputs something in this weird state. Nothing appears in Putty, (Rx to Tx and vice versa, 3.3V, common ground, correct port and baud rate 115200). 

When my board is in this weird state, green LED is ligthing all the time like when it is working normally before desktop. My display changes state to Power Saving Mode every second what is unexpected. After unplugging power supply it stops.  When UART connected, green LED sometimes blinks randomly. 


I have unplugged antenne, plugged antene, keyboard and mouse is via wireless donge, tired with plugged unplugged, display is connected via HDMI and HDMI to DVI converter, tried with plugged and unplugged, on unplugged no response on URAT too. 


I have no more ideas of mine and from this and other forums, maybe I missed something. 

Board: Orangepi Lite
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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

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Thank you for your replay Werner, this is exactly this version I am testing.


I did another test to investigate this issue, flashed image in version 20.05.2 like previously and installed desktop environment with 

sudo apt-get -y install xorg lightdm xfce4 tango-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme

There were no issues with this setup, until plug in USB drive. Power supply could say.


I have build custom image of "Configure Ubuntu focal based Armbian for the Orange Pi Lite", with desktop in this image. received version 20.08.0. For this image there is no issues.

With this user-built image I can plug anything I want to this USB hub and everything works fine. I tested it with this donge for keyboard and mouse, a bluetooth dongle, a USB drive and a web cam connected, no power supply issues...

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