error verifying gcc-linaro 2013?


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I'm new to building the toolchain so sorry if I missed something basic. 

I installed Virtualbox greater than the version noted on the instructions page. (

Used the mini image at per above page.

During the install I did not check any options for system software.

Started the os and installed git using sudo per the instructions page in the second line above.

After it completed I changed to the build directory and issued the compile

sudo ./ 

and seems to run as expected. I select Full OS Image -> Show a kernel configuration menu -> (select ANY board) -> Current, and it seems to run fine until it gets to the following error -




This is the roadblock every time for me. What step did I miss or err?


After a few tries I noticed it has a very brief error on boot -



but I don't see how that would cause a download error or use a file from 2013?


Guidance would be awesome at this point ;]




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