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For my Orange Pi PC, I just switched from the buggy debian-image to Armbian. Armbian works fantastic, but there is one small problem with my ssh reverse tunnel.


On the (old) debian system i had my script

/usr/bin/autossh -p2000 -fNC -R 9000:localhost:9091 -R 5057:localhost:4949 -R 8000:localhost:8888 -R 10012:localhost:22

The remote Pi will call my gateway Pi at port 2000. Whenever i call the gateway-ip:9000 i am at port 9091 on my remote pi etc.

Worked flawless.


After I changed to Armbian, this mini-script for works, too:

/usr/bin/autossh -p2000 -fNC -R 10012:localhost:22

I can log in by SSH on port 10012 of my gateway Pi into my remote Pi.

But i can´t add the other ports from the example above. The Orange Pi PC will reboot ok, but I can´t even log in by SSH through port 10012 of my gateway Pi.


Any ideas, what i am doing wrong?

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