Supporting IMX477 ( RaspberryPi HD Camera )

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Hi All,


I would like to use the new RaspberryPI Camera ( IMX477 ) with armbian (with TinkerBoard S) and I was wondering if this is on the roadmap for development?


If it's not I would like to attempt to submit a pull request, but I'm not really sure on how to pull the drivers into the armbian source.

I can see the driver source here

and the overlay source here


but I'm not too sure how to pull them into armbian, is there any articles/ help documentation you could suggest that I could look at to understand how to pull these into armbian?

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3 hours ago, darktempler said:


 is there any articles/ help documentation

Of course. The fat "Documentation" button on top between Download and Subscriptions ;)


To get some things sorted out beforehand: Check which kernel sources the tinkerboard uses (hangle yourself from the board config to the source config). Then you will also know the patch folder where kernel patches are held and applied to the sources before building.

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