Orange Pi 4 microphone problem


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What i know orange pi has two microphone option.


1- on board microphone

2 - from audio in out


When i check with arecord -l


i see only one card which is realtek5651


ı have tried voice record with arecord. ı couldnt get any voice.


with usb sound card i can record.


i can listen with on board auido out.


Why i can not get any voice from on board microphone or audio in.?


you can see my alsa values


you can see all informations

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Myself.  i am not so professional these things.

If you can show hot to add dts file. May be would be good. or if somebody add this to armbian so we can update.


BY the way when i do cat /proc/asound/modules i got these results below
 0 snd_soc_simple_card
 1 snd_soc_simple_card



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15 hours ago, asendem said:

What do you mean with original OS? Where to download?

The one from, made in china, and not mainline kernel.

15 hours ago, asendem said:

which type microphone need to use to make it work through the jack?

u have to use earphones+mic that uses a OMTP 3 way jack (today are more common ctia jack). However it didn't worked for me, only onboard.

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