EspressoBin: Possible bug in boot.cmd

Jens Bauer

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I just came across this line:


load ${boot_interface} ${devnum}:1 ${scriptaddr} ${prefix}armbianEnv.txt
env import -t ${scriptaddr} ${filesize}

-Is this correct ?

scriptaddr is where the boot.scr is loaded, as far as I understand, it overwrites itself by loading armbianEnv.txt to the same address.


So wouldn't it be better to load armbianEnv.txt to kernel_addr, initrd_addr or fdt_addr, since armbianEnv.txt is only used for a short time ?

I have not tried making an armbianEnv.txt, which is larger than boot.scr, but it looks like it would stop the board from booting if it's just long enough to overwrite the 'env import' line.

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

29 minutes ago, martinayotte said:

Looking at my OPiOne+, it has different addresses for "script_addr" and "load_addr" {snip} and here is what is shown for OrangePi-RK3399 {snip}

That's good news, this means it is likely only be the EspressoBin is 'affected'.

I just double-checked that it's not a "local error" (eg. my own stuipidity), the boot environment variables on the EspressoBin download page does load boot.scr to ${scriptaddr} and Focal's boot.scr does load armbianEnv.txt to ${scriptaddr}.

... So I'll need to try and make an armbianEnv.txt, which is large enough to overwrite the memory where the boot-script is located.


Unfortunately, I currently can't get my board to boot from /dev/sda12 correctly; It keeps loading 'version 237' (from /dev/sda11) where it's supposed to load 'version 245.x'.

It's driving me nuts and I'll probably have to rewrite the boot-sequence in order to get it to boot Focal.

That again would probably mean I might not succeed in making the test.

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