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Odroid N2+ / N2 Plus

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Hi all. 
I've recently received the Odroid N2+. Since nobody else started a topic about it, I'll be the one. 
All works fine with Armbian since not much hardware changes have been made vs the N2. Except for the CPU frequency.


With the Odroid Ubuntu you can set it to 2.4Ghz for the big cores A73 as overclock (2208 stock)., and 2016Mhz for the A53 cores (1908  stock). 

With Armbian the max clocks are 2Ghz for all cores. Using Armbian Focal 4.9 legacy.
I tried setting the higher values in config.ini. Also tried with the "meson64_odroidn2_plus.dtb" file from the Odroid Ubuntu. Doesn't boot with that. (What do I know :D)

Other changes are the RTC battery that's now on the board. 
The heatsink has changed a little. But it's still more than sufficient to keep it cool even when overclocked. 

USB3 still rather s*cks on it. Slow and a lot of issues with 2.4Ghz dongles(wifi/keyboard...).
Too bad they didn't do anything about that. But that probably could have complicated compatibility with N2 images. 

Also feels a bit more sluggish than RK3399 on NVMe vs 128GB eMMC on the N2+.  That's what fast I/O does. I'll try on USB3-NVMe later.

Here some pictures. 1st pic the N2+ with its case open.
2nd picture the N2 left and the N2+ on the right.

Cheers all.

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The N2 plus set to 2.4GHZ + 2.0GHZ works like a storm on the manufacturer's ubuntu firmware. I did not even try Armbian because there was no image that would support such frequencies. But it would be nice to support N2 +. I ordered fan. It works when you rich 65 degrees C

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