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ROCKPro64 as NAS?





I am looking at investing in a RockPro64 NAS setup using the Pine64 Desktop casing and other necessary accessories. I'm hoping to run OpenMediaVault on it and have 2 3.5" HDDs attached. The entire setup would be configured to be a backup of my operational NAS (Helios4) in a different location (i.e. different room of the house).


My reading of the forum and the armbian download section has me a bit confused. The download section indicates that the board is supported, but the forum indicates it's a WIP.

Just trying to understand the status/stability of the board for what I'm planning on using it for and whether it would be a good investment or a waste of money.


Also wondering whether this post regarding updating the CPU governor is related -  and will be a benefit - to the RockPro64 as both the NanoPi M4 and RockPro64 share the same SoC RK3399.


Thanks :)

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2 hours ago, soerenderfor said:

what about

apt install spl-dkms zfs-dkms

it it fails you can check the status with


dkms status


You know, at one point I thought "maybe I should just try" (exactly as you say).  :D


I dunno, I prefer to actually try to read/research and know what I am doing beforehand as much as possible.  But I know, some times you have to just go for it.


EDIT:  I figured it out, simple instructions now here: ZFS "just works" now on Armbian (2 step instructions if you are thick like me)!

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Armbian Linux community supported weekly builds download

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36 minutes ago, AlexVS said:

Installed Arabian 21.08.3 Booster with Linux 5.10.63 + OMV5. Used as a NAS.

Please excuse my English.

Okay, the rockpro64 as a small NAS is pretty cool. I still use my as a small storage server, vpn and some stuff. 

- Do you use the rockpro64 NAS case?

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