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UBoot for RK3328


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@hexdump Trying to compile your uboot from github I get this error:


arstein@MM8S:~/u-boot-mainline-rk3328-no-sd-boot$ patch -p1 < /compile/doc/u-boot-misc/misc.rk3328-no-sd-boot/rk3328-h96max-no-sd-boot.patch
bash: /compile/doc/u-boot-misc/misc.rk3328-no-sd-boot/rk3328-h96max-no-sd-boot.patch: No such file or directory
karstein@MM8S:~/u-boot-mainline-rk3328-no-sd-boot$ ls
api       cmd        disk     env       Kbuild    MAINTAINERS  README
arch      common     doc      examples  Kconfig   Makefile     scripts
bl31.elf  config.mk  drivers  fs        lib       net          test
board     configs    dts      include   Licenses  post         tools

Am I missing some files or what?

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13 hours ago, hexdump said:

where you most probably have the readme from, which contains the lines you tried: https://github.com/hexdump0815/u-boot-misc


as this is not really armbian related, lets better do any potential follow up discussion as an issue in this github repo

Ok, I'm not familiar with Github so can you please point me to where the discussion is?

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there is no discussion yet - i just ment if you want to discuss that in detail, then better as a github issue on the mentioned repo ... if you are not familiar with github issues then it can be easily googled how it works and it is not really complicated

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