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Setting network priority for multiple network interfaces?


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Hello everyone,

I have a nanopi r2s running the latest minimal focal image, and I'm having trouble with the network configuration.



I have an intranet connected to the LAN port (lan0), and my home network connected to the WAN port (eth0). The intranet does not connect to the internet, and both networks have functional DHCP servers on different IP ranges. For some reason the system thinks it should try to access the internet via my intranet, which is definitely not going to work.


Suppose the intranet is, how can I tell the system to use this interface if and only if I'm accessing addresses that falls under this address space, and route everything else to the other interface? I've tired "nmcli c mod $CONNECTION ipv4.never-default true" but it only gave me an error: "Error: Failed to modify connection 'Ifupdown (lan0)': failed to update connection: settings plugin does not support modifying connections".

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Please verify the configuration of the DHCP servers. The "intranet" one should offer the correct address range and subnet mask for "intranet" but it must "not" offer a default gateway. The home one should offer the correct default gateway for reaching the internet.


hth, gnasch


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