Active SD card health monitoring?


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Hello all,


I've been recently burned by a failing SD card (armbianmonitor -v possibly saved me a much worse fate!) and I'm now trying to proactively avoid a similar situation.


I found that WD has a line of cards that claim a health status feature that  "Helps in preventive maintenance by signaling when the card needs to be replaced". One of them is the Purple QD101 that seems reasonably priced at $15 for 64GB.


I'm not finding much in the way of details of how this is exposed though. Is there any way to get access to this information on linux?

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Look into mmc-utils. This is the tool you want to use to interact with SD/MMC/eMMC devices. SD cards do not use SMART, you might have to dig a bit further to find out how to check their health status.


I found a doc from Micron that might be helpful:


Additionally, you must use a native mmc interface to interact with your card, such as MicroSD card slots that are directly attached to the SoC, a PCIe based card reader in your laptop, or a Realtek USB card reader that uses the "rtsx_usb" driver. The normal SCSI based card readers will not work.

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