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Do I as community manager have to know how to rebuild a kernel? No.

But I have to know when a topic is at its wrong place and where it belongs. However some users could get upset when their stuff is moved around so I leave a note why.

And no, you are not a moderator and therefore cannot move the topic on your own. Commendable attitude regardless.


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8 hours ago, Energokom said:

if i have in armbian headers kernel orange pi zero?

If you only have headers, you can't recompiler kernel. You need sources. Since we have dropped support for this kernel years ago, there is little we can do to help you. Even when we support things, its best effort support. 


Only recently - for recent kernels - we provide a way to download matched kernel sources which you can compile on board. But since job is not done - packaging is not yet finisihed ... you can't do this just like that.

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