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update firmware armbian last 2-3 days





my orangepi3 after the updates of firmware of these days seems to loose eth0,  at reboot take eth0 and eth0:avahi with class 169 ip.


i made backups (i use a sd to restore the mmc mouting hd and then copy the gzip image) so i have not problems to restore but, i suspect, the previus version is working but the new one not.


sorry for my worst english... 


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ok i made the change of kernel (i'm not very keen on that).. but i had to restore my previous backup (causa the update send my eth in 169 as said).


ok, i restored and by armbian config i swicthed to che current versione and not the dev one.

now: if i run ap update i see the list of packets to update and there is the new firmware of 5.9.. uhm...


if i read well, now after armbian config into curretn versione


yet dev???



thank you in advance


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