hardware gamma control RK3399

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Hi guys!


I asked a lot of devs about this feature and no one had the knowledge about this topic. I know it's something clearly missing on the kernel (display driver?).

It's only available on very few boards right now, only RPI3 have it, not even RPI4 (but it's on developement or at least, heavily requested). 

you may know I am testing panfrost against tons of x86 games and bc we use hardware acceleretion, that capability is crucial to get enough gamma to actually play many games (unreal tournament, deus ex,etc). 

Ayufan told me I should ask on kodi team but I don't know who and they are hard to reach.

I know you don't have the time to even think about it. I only need to know how dar we are of getting this feature or if we will ever have it. because, it's kinda mandatory for my porpoises.


Thanks on advance!!!

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