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New Linux OS with DRM enable & GPU hardware accelerated for download


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Hello all, 

This Linux OS is based on Armbian_20.11_Tinkerboard_bullseye_current_5.8.18 image. I have created this OS to be able to watch Netflix via a browser. This OS is compatible with TB & TB/s.

Key features:
    • OS: Debian 11 bullseye
    • Kernel: armv7l Linux 5.8.18-rockchip
    • CPU: ARMv7 rev 1 (v7l) @ 4x 1.8GHz
    • GPU: Mali T760 (Panfrost driver, OpenGL 2.1)
    • Browser: vivaldi-stable_3.4.2066.106-1_armhf (widevine-flash)

This Linux OS image is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY and NO END USER SUPPORT.

You can now download the VinVin-OS version 20201130, here ...


VinVin-OS default username is “vinvin”, password is “vin=20”

Use a fast Micro SD card,  minimum 3 amps power supply and a case which includes a cooling fan to avoid system crashing due to overheating. 

Getting Started:
Write the zip compressed image with Etcher and (TB) insert SD card into a slot or (TB/s) use a USB cable to connect to your computer.

Power the board: 
    • TB
      (First) boot takes up to two to minutes.
      (Second) boot takes up to one minute.
      Login with the user id: vinvin

    • TB/s
      Remove the USB cable connected to your computer.
      (First) boot takes up to one to minute.
      Login with the user id: vinvin.
      Also important: resize your file system with, for example, GParted to the full capacity.

Enjoy :-)

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Donate and support the project!

It's cool you were able to put this together, but im not really a fan of random bespoke images.    They don't encourage a healthy community. 


Im assuming you did this all by hand and don't have any scripts the community could work on altogether? 

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