Testing a customized kernel NOT from dpkg



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Hi, Armbian gurus.


I have make a new kernel and related modules for my pineh64 and want to test it. Thus they are not from dpkg. 

To test this kernel and modules.

I have few questions:

1. About the symbolic links in /boot, are they all mandatory? What if I don't have an initramfs? 

2. The Image linked file, is it have to be limited to certain compressed format to work properly?

3. Is there a recommended work flow to test a external kernel? Or I can just test by replacing Image, dtb, and the modules?


Thank you.

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you need to know how u-boot boots linux kernel and brings it userspace.


the only thing you need to care is boot command,


but the boot command you should make u-boot to know where to find kernel/initramfs/dtb, no mater where you put them.


for no initramfs,. if your kernel has enough driver to mount your root device, I guess that's fine. but usually initramfs is required.

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