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I am in the process of setting-up a RockPi-E as a Nextcloud server.

I am running the latest Armbian Focal "current" mainline kernal and have migrated the rootfs to a SSD using this link as a guide:-


I have successfully installed nginx, MariaDB, PHP and Nextcloud using various guides and Nextcloud is operating very well.


I would like to have some "blinky lights", a shutdown button and connect an I2C LCD display.


I2C1 is working on GPIO header pins 27,28 but I have not seen any mention of I2C1 in any documentation and only discovered when I was studying the 40 Pin Header (GPIO Pin-Out) table at  (I have a V1.2 revision board).

I2C7 and I2C8 are shown in armbian-config ->System settings ->Hardware and the file /boot/dtb/rockchip/overlay/README.rockchip-overlays show which GPIO to use as SDA & SCL but those ports do not appear in the 40 pin header table.


What I would like to know:-

Is there a library (prefer python) that I can use to access the GPIOs in userspace?


Can I2C7 & I2C8 be used on the RockPi-E? If so, which pins can I use?


How can I use PWM2? (Pin 33 on the 40 pin header)


I am reasonably fluent in Raspberry Pi and have a couple of OrangePi Zeros but I'm finding the RockPi-E is a bit more difficult to interface to.


Any help welcome.


PS. How do I turn off the Green Power LED? It's BRIGHT!


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