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OrangePi Zero Plus - wi-fi - first step for a cluster



Hello. During the Italian pandemic lockdown I am building a mini cluster with some boards that I have found in my house. I have three OrangePi and one Nanopi Fire3. I assembled them in a box and I connected them via ethernet. I connected the monitor on a OrangePi One plus. The keyboard and mouse are on a blouetooth usb key. I would like to have all Armbian (for the reasons that you all know!). I installed all SD with Armbian Images. Every SBC has the text file with fixed ip parameters. All the network files (etc/network/interface) are well written and in the local network all Armbians are pinging each other ones. I reach them via SSH and they talk with the one that has the keyboard and the monitor. Ok Allright!!

The first step is the OrangePi Zero Plus that should be the internet router. It can be connected via wi-fi and I would liket o connect it to the access point that I have here.

Other steps are to connect other SBC over the ethernet switch, to the OPiZero+ that is the d. gateway well configured in the network text file (

Ok let go into the problem.

With the armbian-config utility (that is one of the reasons that I love Armbian) I connect the board to the access point giving the sid name and the password. It results connected and it gets the ip number from the accesspoint. I can see it into the access point too!!

"ifconfig" talks about a wi-fi connection and iwconfig too. Both utilities show a connected interface but nothing is possible with that internet connection. The ping is impossible to outside., nothing, nosite is responding and no ip is responding from outside. I whould like to connect to the outside internet from other SBCs too. But it seems to be impossible.

I tryed to run armbian-config again and the wi-fi results already well configured. After reboot too. It is connected! But nothing is possible.

The armbian-config has another usefull utility: the resolvconf editor. Ok I inserted, in the /etc/network/interfaces, the words:


auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid xxxx
wpa-psk xxxx

But the results was that the wlan did not get the ip, and, obvious, no network outside the group.

The image is in another thread here in this forum.


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