Please support 2560x1080 Video Resolution

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There are a lot of the new wider monitors coming out. I have had one for several months. None of my Armbian boards support it. Some won't display at all, some default to a single lower resolution, and several will only allow to set to 1920x1080.


Doesn't HDMI interrogate to discover resolutions and then match capabilities? I have no clue how HDMI actually works but it would be great if Armbian looked proportional on those monitors ;]




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Donate and support the project!

Upstream drivers usually never cover extraordinary resolutions :( while for us, this is another out of range task. More like a project which can easily represents weeks - months of work. I think we only did some corrections in a few occasions, latest was this one and show a bit how it usually goes: Each hw platform has its own way, numbers are different, testing has to be done, ...

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