Fan speed goes full power briefly when I turn it off.

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in /usr/sbin/fancontrol you can comment the lines 517 & 518 to achieve what you want.


#trap 'restorefans 0' SIGQUIT SIGTERM
#trap 'restorefans 1' SIGHUP SIGINT


You will need to stop and restart the service in order for it to take effect


systemctl restart fancontrol.service 



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I assume the original thinking of the authors of fancontrol was, that when the programm crashes/unexpectedly get closed, it does not leave the fans at a low speed and possibly endanger the system. 

The fancontrol does not differentiate between shutdown and exit / kill.


And from a system perspective it is much better to have annoying loud fans (but a cool and healthy system) than slowly burning away components while no sound is heard ;)


I guess that also answers your second question, if you comment those lines away, the fans wont auto speed up if fancontrol crashes or similar.

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