Orangepi 4 PCIe fried WLAN card up



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Hi all,


I think i have made a mistake but i don't know what. Do someone know what goes wrong?


Yesterday i have played with the PCIe port on the Orange Pi 4 with the original extension module. Plugged in a Dell (Ericsson) 5560 HSPA in the board and it works all fine. It was detected. Did not get the connection working with sim tray but ok. It works and reacts on AT commands. So far so good. Then i tries to plugin a wifi card (doesn't know exactly wich one. I thought Intel 6230) but didn't want to boot and a green led lights up on the PCIe board what i has never seen before. After that i thought: ''hmm, there is here laying a old Dell Latitude D630. There is a PCIe wifi card inside'' so i removed the WLAN board from the laptop (Intel 4965 MM2) and disconnect the 3 cables and plugged the standard wifi cable back that is delivered with the Orange Pi. Boot up but when i was just sitting did hear *pop* and smells like electronics leave there magic smoke.


Clearly a chip on the Intel 4965 MM2 board is fried up. Luckely the PCIe and the Orange Pi 4 works normally. But i don't know what happen! Maybe i pushed on the reset button what broke it? I don't really know! Has someone a suggestion? Are the mini PCIe cards what you should not put in?

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