Station P2 looking good


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Here a YT video about the new Station P2. 

I love the design. SATA and NVMe now fit in the case. A bit more usb is great. Dual Gbit ethernet, wifi 6 and up to 8GB ram. RK3568.
I hope they'll also make an rk3588 model.I like their metal cases a lot.

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Ah it still costs 208.68 € for the 8G of RAM with the shipping costs for France, it is still not giving the small box ..
In comparison we also find this kind of little novelty
to see the price they will have once everything is finished but their passage by kickstarter was very interesting, this zimaboard seems really not bad especially with its very low power consumption, but hey it does not have ARM sorry it was just for comparison ..
Anyway for me Station P2 even with the pre-order it's too expensive ..!

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4 hours ago, Winguo said:

Hey! The shipping fee on indiegogo is greatly reduced by $20 USD averagely! 7 more Asian countries enjoy free shipping.

This is good news, it gives us the P2 8G Ram 128G Emmc Station at 188.88 € delivered in France. This is a good deal, thank you Firefly.


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